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Audio, Photo Shoots, Performance and EPK Videos, Weddings or Events,

and even Outdoor Adventures!

Pro Tools Quality in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Our Audio setup consists of Pro Tools 9.0 for the sessions here at the studio and multi-track external digital recorders for remote sessions. Currently we are capable of recording 16 tracks simultaneously here in the studio with quality preamps and plug-ins.

Remember, when you use Pro Tools you are using the industry standard and can use those sessions in most any pro studio, anywhere in the world.

We offer discount packages for demos and full blown CDs. For $25 an hour (4 hour block minimum) we will help you produce and record a Demo CD which can go a real long way towards promoting your group to local clubs or organizations.
We pride ourselves on being able to put together songwriters DEMOS & CDs for the struggling songwriter/performer or bands on a budget and of course we also use our 16 track PRO TOOLS studio when putting together artist’s EPK packages so you can be assured your audio quality will be it’s best!

Pricing may vary on remote sessions depending on distance and amount of equipment required.

We are not here to milk you out of your hard earned money. We’ve made our living playing music before. We know what it is like. We want you to be satisfied with your project and your recording experience. The amount of takes and the amount of work and time put towards the finish product is strictly up to you. After all isn’t it YOUR project?

This is a great opportunity for songwriters wanting to put their creations on their website or to promote it somewhere else.

Maybe you have a garage band and just want to see what you sound like on CD…This is the studio for you! Even if you just love to sing and would like to record a CD with background tracks mixed with your vocals, we will be glad to do that too. Ever thought of having your kids make a CD for the Grandparents? This is a great gift idea by the way.
If you have an idea for a recording project, please give us an opportunity to talk to you about your ideas and let us see if we can be of service to you.

Pro HD Video Services Too!!!!!

We have had sooooo much happen since we started offering Pro HD Video here at SNS. We were already playing with the idea and started testing the waters with a great little camera called the Zoom Q3HD. One of the most attractive features of this camera is not just that it takes good/adequate video but the audio is GREAT!

We started with some local hard working musicians who liked what they saw but we knew they still needed something higher quality than the Zoom and by what was being offered by other studios that were still stuck in the HDV world.
We decided to go all out and invest in one of Panasonic’s latest solid state offerings in the HMC-150 AVCCAM camera. The quality and versatility of this camera just blew us away! I couldn’t wait to try it out!

After using it for awhile recording Nashville celebrities like “SHANE DOUGLAS & THE MONEY MAKERS” and “THE JOHNNY HILAND BAND” with RONNIE LUTRICK, we decided that we just had to have another one! We couldn’t be more pleased! Our clients love them too!  As we branched into the actual Music Video scene we invested in 2 Canon 70D DSLRs.  Fantastic cameras that create a fantastic product!

Since then we have had opportunity to work with some of the greatest talents in this town and we really love it when we can be a part of some (up and coming) star getting off on the right foot!
We have been fortunate enough to film songwriting greats like AARON BARKER, KENT BLAZY, AND COREY BATTEN as well as CHARLIE WORSHAM (opening act for Taylor Swift’s last tour), ADLEY STUMP of “The Voice” fame KENNETH WRIGHT and KENDRA CHANTELLE of “American Idol” fame. Plus a host of other great local talents here like DON PEDIGO, SMILEY BLIND BAND and also in Missouri like DOC ROCK-IT BAND and THE SUGAR ALLEY BAND.

This spring we branched out into another aspect of video services. We are now rapidly increasing our WEDDING VIDEO portfolio! It has been wonderful helping to preserve those precious memories for couples getting married or are rededicating their vows.

And along with ALL that, I have been revisiting my avid hunting and fishing days by offering HUNTING & FISHING VIDEO services. This is one of my favorite things to do since hunting and fishing has been a big part of most of my life! So SNS can be right there with you when you bag that record Big Buck or Award Winning Gobbler!

Be sure to lets us know if you have a project in mind that we can help with!

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